The ResiStand Roadmap

The main outputs of the ResiStand project include a prioritised roadmap for future standards that can result in improvements to crisis management and disaster resilience. The roadmap will be created by collating the plans of the standardisation organisations with the needs and requirements of the End-Users of standards (public authorities and non-governmental organisations) as well as the potential new ideas from the supply-side (industry and the research community), and by assessing the feasibility and impact of proposed future standards.

The roadmap will clearly identify the desirable standardisation deliverables to be achieved in the short and mid- to long term, and it will provide detailed information on their feasibility and expected impact. Additionally, it will contain recommendations about the levels on which the standards should be developed (European or international). This roadmap will deliver benefits to all stakeholders as it informs:

  1. The standard developing organizations about what standards are expected to be developed, including details on their feasibility,
  2. The end-users of standards about what new standards can be expected, including their expected impact,
  3. The supply sector about the expected trends in crisis management and disaster resilience standardisation so that they can adjust their own activities accordingly.

For further information on the ResiStand Roadmap, please refer to ResiStand Deliverable D5.3 - Roadmap for standardisation deliverables improving disaster resilience - available here.