Increasing disaster Resilience by establishing a sustainable process to support Standardisation of technologies and services


ResiStand aims to identify new ways to improve the crisis management and disaster resilience capabilities of the European Union and of individual Member States through standardisation. This goal will be achieved through the creation of the ResiStand Roadmap and ResiStand Process to support stakeholders in the development of standards. For further information on ResiStand, please visit the Project Summary page.

ResiStand Stakeholder Communities

ResiStand’s partners will engage with three key stakeholder communities throughout the duration of the project to understand their drivers, constraints, and expectations: Standardisation Organisations through the Standards Advisory Group, the End-User Community (organisations utilising standards in their crisis management and disaster resilience operations), and the Supplier Community (industry and the research community). To join ResiStand’s Stakeholder Communities, please visit the Subscribe page.